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planner portal logo Created with the financial planner in mind, PlannerPortal is a browser-based, interactive, database-driven set of financial planning and sales presentation tools designed to meet a wide variety of prospecting, planning and sales needs. PlannerPortal offers detailed needs analysis, powerful sales presentations, and concept-oriented calculators. It's everything a financial advisor needs to create compelling sales presentations for virtually any opportunity. PlannerPortal gives the financial planner the ability to analyze diverse, complex financial concepts and clearly communicate alternatives and solutions. It provides hundreds of sales pages, covering a myriad of financial topics including:

  • college planning
  • credit & debt
  • home & mortgage
  • income taxation
  • insurance
  • paycheck & benefits
  • qualified plans
  • retirement planning
  • saving goals & returns
  • budgeting & cash flow

PlannerPortal is now available. Click here for more information about this cutting edge financial planning software for advisors.

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